Trust The Process: Week 1 Preview

Yes, Yes, Yes!  The NFL is back. Christmas is finally here.  We have had salaries for more than a month now and the season has arrived just in time because my head is about to explode from information overload. What is the remedy for this? Obviously it is to supply more information.  What follows are some thoughts to help you make the best decision for your fantasy rosters this week. I play a balance of Cash games (Head-to-Heads and 50/50’s) and Guaranteed Prize Pool Tournaments mainly on DraftKings. I hate Kickers, therefore FanDuel is not a major focus for me.  Regardless, I have a lot of fun doing it and hope that this information helps you when constructing your roster this week.  Good luck.  Oh, by the way, I have never won a millionaire maker tournament and do not appear on ESPN so don’t get mad if my tips don’t make you all the money.  Trust me, if these tips don’t work out, my wife will be much more mad at me then you ever can be.  With that said, trust the process and make wise decisions!

The Old Man Still Has It – Larry Fitzgerald is old. He has fallen off each of the last two years as the year wore on. But this is not the end of the year. This is the start of the year. Fitz is not a normal 33 (soon to be 34) year old. He led the NFL in receptions last year with 107. He is a workout machine. He is well-respected. He has great hands. He’s as tough as they get. His quarterback, by all accounts, is playing well leading up to the first game against a bad Detroit secondary. In the first game of the 2016 season, he put up 28 DK pts against New England! His floor is high and he has touchdown upside because of his hands and strength. Besides, Fitz should be going against Quadre Diggs, who was ranked 94 out of 110 cornerbacks (according to Pro Football Focus).  Get off my lawn!!! The old man should take the young Lions out to the woodshed like they are Robin Ventura. Continue reading “Trust The Process: Week 1 Preview”

Week 1 Rankings

The 2017 NFL season is finally here! The link for our week 1 rankings is below. These were done early in the week and no decision had yet to be made about the Tampa Bay-Miami game as a result of the expected issues with Hurricane Irma. These are the same rankings that we are using in our own lineup decision-making process. We included FantasyPros rankings in our rankings so that you have a comparison with one of the best-ranking systems out there. These are full-PPR rankings and can be used in all formats, though some players will obviously be slightly better suited in different formats. As usual, these rankings are not guaranteed because football results are not guaranteed.  Have fun with your lineups and good luck this week.

2017 NFL Rankings – Week 1

11 Tips for your Fantasy Football Draft

Preparing for your upcoming fantasy football draft can be fun but it can also be very confusing.  There are a lot of people giving you advice and some of it may be conflicting.  I tend to listen to a lot of people and then use my wisdom to filter and process the information.  At the end of the day, you want to pick players that you feel good about.  Most of the time, there are enough players (even in the later rounds) that you will like and feel comfortable with.

Last year, I won my fantasy league despite drafting last, trading away Ezekiel Elliott and having Tyrod Taylor as my top quarterback.  Those are some huge obstacles to overcome but I did it to win another season-long league. Here are 11 tips that might help with your draft-day preparation as you seek to gain an edge on your competition.

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Fantasy Star to Follow: Al Zeidenfeld

Al Zeidenfeld (“Al_Smizzle”) is one of the top DFS guys and plays at the nose-bleed stakes.   I trust him as much as any expert out there and it is not just because he was a former college basketball coach.  When Zeidenfeld has a take, it is usually backed up with solid logic that seems to produce winners more often than not.  If you are not familiar with him, Rotogrinders did a good interview with him last year and you can find it clicking here.  In 2016, he won the Draftkings Milly Maker during Week 2.  I highly suggest following him on one (or all) of the following platforms . . . Continue reading “Fantasy Star to Follow: Al Zeidenfeld”