FanDuel NBA Value Plays: Thursday (5/4)

There are two NBA Playoff games on FanDuel’s main slate. Washington is favored by 5.5 at home against Boston with a 218.5 game total. In the other game, Utah is a huge underdog as they travel to Golden State for Game 2. The Warriors are favored by 12.5 with a projected total of 204.5.

You will be able to get many of the key players into your lineup tonight but will still need two or three value plays that will give you some salary relief. Here are five option that you should consider as you look for value tonight.

As always, check the news throughout the day and especially 30 minutes before lock. Use all of the information that you gather through your research to make the best decision for your lineup(s). Good luck today!


Terry Rozier (BOS): $2,600 at WAS
This position has the players that will probably score the most raw points. Since this is a two-game slate, you can’t afford to fade those points. However, if you don’t like money and want to play one of the low-priced players for some reason then Rozier is an interesting play tonight. He has earned 27.2 and 17.1 FanDuel points in the two previous games in this series. That is better than a point-per-minute and has averaged 9.6X value in those two games. He is projected to play 20+ minutes again tonight. He is intriguing, but remember that even if he goes for 9X value tonight, it will still be difficult to replace the 40-60 point ceiling of Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, or Steph Curry.


Rodney Hood (UTA): $4,000 at GSW
He may not quite reach 5X value, but he is the best bet of the players below the 5k price range. This position is fairly thin tonight so he might be a good option. He has only averaged 13.3 FanDuel points in the last three games. However, in the two games before that, he averaged 25.6 FanDuel points. He definitely has potential to put up solid numbers. You probably won’t feel good by playing Hood tonight, but if you don’t have a strong opinion on the other players at this position and need to save salary, then he becomes tolerable.


Kelly Oubre (WAS): $3,100 vs. BOS
Oubre has exceeded 5X value in both games in the series so far as he has earned 20.4 and 16.2 FanDuel points. He has averaged 26 MPG but with Markief Morris returning from injury, his time might be reduced slightly. In his last 10 games, he has averaged 16.3 FanDuel points, so he seems to be a safe play to reach value.


David West (GSW): $3,400 vs. UTA
This is another thin position tonight, which leads us to West. This is not a safe pick because he doesn’t play a lot of minutes. He is only averaging 15 MPG during the playoffs, but he has far exceeded value in the last two games by earning 25.3 and 24.4 FanDuel points. He has averaged 5.5 APG in those two games, and I am not sure that is sustainable. Overall, in the five games of the playoffs he is averaging 17.6 FanDuel points.


Marcin Gortat (WAS): $6,200 vs. BOS
His price tag is not normally considered in the value range but compared to the other top players at this position, he is a relative value. He has earned 34.5 and 41.6 FanDuel points in the two games during this series. In his last nine games, he has averaged 29.7 FanDuel points. In the last five games (all playoff games), he has twice broken the 40-point FanDuel barrier. Gortat has also reached at least 4.5X value in 11 of his last 13 games. Gortat is $2-3,000 less than the two centers above him but with not much difference in potential point totals.

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