ESPN Fantasy Football Champion

Christmas night brought my team (“Michigan Go Blue”) a season-long fantasy football championship.  Going into the Championship weekend against a team that had defeated me handily earlier in the season, ESPN’s analytics had the game as a coin flip.  Fortunately, my team saved its best performance for when it mattered most.  Scoring 210 points was 30 points more than any previous league team scored in any week during the year.  Despite the GM of “Michigan Go Blue” making a rookie mistake and the draft gods not cooperating, a Championship Trophy was hoisted in the Bechler household.  Well, actually there was no trophy but a Tiger Woods fist pump did ensue.

There were a number of situations and decisions that could have sunk my chances but with some dumb luck and shrewd foresight, we were able to come out on top.   When draft day came, I drew the last spot.  No David Johnson.  No Antonio Brown.  No Julio Jones (I live in Atlanta).  No Aaron Rodgers.  You get the point.  I also assumed that it was standard ESPN scoring.  Boy was I wrong.  Not only did QB’s get a lot more points, but this was also a two quarterback league.  My strategy was to wait and take the best available QB because I didn’t feel that there was a huge difference between the #1 and #12 on a given week over the course of a whole season.  In the 11th round, I discovered my error and Tyrod Taylor was the best remaining QB.  I ended up starting the season 2-2.  That is when I decided to make a trade.  Not just any trade, but a trade that could make or break my team’s season.  I traded Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott for Melvin Gordon and Philip Rivers.  Two Dallas Cowboys stars for one San Diego star (Rivers) and a Chargers enigma (Gordon).  Seriously…you read that right.  I traded away two people who are constantly in the Most Valuable Player talk.

You see, there is hope for people that make mistakes or are drafting last in their season-long fantasy drafts.  Congratulations if you were a winner this year and good luck next year.

 Jamy Bechler is a die-hard Michigan Wolverine fan, who feels conflicted and disloyal every week that he doesn’t roster Tom Brady on his fantasy team.  He is a regular DFS player that competes under the screen name “DKJamy”.  Jamy uses his DFS skills to drive his season-long league opponents crazy with constant waiver wire pickups.  He was a college basketball coach for 20 years but now is a full-time motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river.  However, he won enough in the past year with DFS to buy new rims, fuzzy dice and paint a big  block “M” on the side. You can follow his DFS site @WinningDFS101 or his personal account @CoachBechler for inspirational and motivational thoughts.