Fantasy Star to Follow: Adam Levitan

If you play fantasy football and don’t know who Adam Levitan is then you are missing out on both some entertainment value and a bunch of fantasy goodness.  He is mostly known as a cash game DFS player, but his insights can help season-long guys win their league.

If you want to have a DFS lineup that finishes in the top half of contests and bring in money week after week then Levitan is the guy to follow.  His twitter feed is filled with important and timely information.  It is not cluttered with interactions with trolls.

In fact, he does a weekly article for DK Playbook that reviews his cash game lineup from the previous week.  This provides us with a great look inside the mind of a top player.  Levitan is very transparent about his thought process and doesn’t hold back for fear that someone might know his strategies and come back to defeat him. Click here to see these articles from 2016.

He is the host of the “Daily Fantasy Edge” podcast throughout the year.  During football season, there are two shows per week. The solo pod, as he calls it, just has him talking about the past week.  He also has everybody’s favorite part of the show … the listener’s questions.  The second show of the week is when he is joined by Millionaire Maker winners Peter Jennings (CSURam88) and Al Zeidenfeld (Al_Smizzle). Together they provide amazing perspective and great advice on the coming week’s slate of games.

During the football season, he writes numerous articles for DK Playbook, which can set you apart from your competition.  He spends a lot of time on research and staying up-to-date on what is going with players and teams.  He has a talent for taking NFL news and interpreting how it matters for fantasy football.

If you like silliness or are a degenerate gambler then you also might like some of the prop bets that he has been involved in during the past year such as some fitness challenges or playing tennis against a pro using a frying pan.

Levitan also appeared on Joey Ingram’s “Poker Life” Podcast back in September of 2016 during DFS Week on the podcast.  It is one of the best conversational podcasts out there.  If you like poker (and random talk from gambling degenerates), then  I highly recommend it.  If nothing else, though, the episode with Levitan was extremely insightful and entertaining. it is definitely worth watching the YouTube version below or click here to download episode 75 on iTunes.

Jamy Bechler is a die-hard Michigan Wolverine fan, who feels conflicted and disloyal every week that he doesn’t roster Tom Brady on his fantasy team.  He is a regular DFS player that competes under the screen name “DKJamy”.  Jamy uses his DFS skills to drive his season-long league opponents crazy with constant waiver wire pickups.  He was a college basketball coach for 20 years but now is a full-time motivational speaker who may or may not live in a van down by the river.  However, he won enough in the past year with DFS to buy new rims, fuzzy dice and paint a big  block “M” on the side of that van that may or may not exist. You can follow his DFS twitter @WinningDFS101 or his personal account @CoachBechler for inspirational and motivational thoughts.